This page holds a list of the coins that Members like.

Full List Here:

Name Symbol Wallets that can hold it Features Group member to talk to Ticker
Bitcoin Core BTC, Coinbase, Waves, Jaxx The Original. Used as a store of value. Can do transactions, but fees are high right now. Brock
Bitcoin Cash BCH  Ledger, Jaxx, Coinbase TBD TBD
Ethereum ETH Mist, Coinbase Can build DAPPS on top of it Kelly
Monero XMR xSend, Receive, iOS, Android x Eiko
Ripple XRP Rippex  – but you have to pay 20 XRP to activate it. x TBD
Verge XVG x  TBD
Waves WAVES Waves Wallet. Can build your own coin  Brock
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