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Links posted by our members in Slack

BITCOIN > Taproot (smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain)
Tanner R.
Jimmy Song breakdown of taproot. Technical, and a little complicated, but very cool. YouTube Off Chain with Jimmy Song

TRADING & ALT COINS >  Tips and resources (research coins, etc)
Exceptionally good info in this post about how to invest in alts and read chatter and do your own due diligence. This guy keeps deleting posts because they call him a pump and dumper but thankfully people archive them because at the very least those a are great links. @Wes actually posted this some time ago and I use it but it doesn’t work anymore so I’m re-posting the archived one.

BLOCKCHAIN > A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain Technology  (loads of good information, a “start here” place)
I usually overlook the Blockchain 101 link on Coindesk, but I just clicked and was wowed by the nice layout and information:

BITCOIN > Why Does It Work? (The Byzantine Generals Problem)
This is the “bad actor” thing everyone talks about. Its the reason why BTC works so beautifully. Note I will remove this if asked. The MOOC is free however and you can access all this if you like by signing up for the next one. One of the instructors is Andreas Antonopolous and he is like the hero of Bitcoin. The man makes me want to stand on my desk :heart: 10/10 highly recommend!AmeHsKPy9wBZgTG4Q3eHaMCu_GjZ

BITCOIN > History (How did we get here?)
Happy 9th birthday to Bitcoin!

BITCOIN > Development/Coding (Be a BTC dev!)
Tanner R.
Are you interested in learning Bitcoin development? Here are 10 hours of tutorials that were just published from @TheBitcoinEdge workshop

TRADING & ALTCOINS > Searchable calendar of of upcoming events in crypto (stay ahead of the FOMO)

@eiko Do you use to get your info? I think I’ve shared the link in here sometime in the past.

BITCOIN > GENERAL EDUCATION (wallets, history, bitcoin2020)
…my page on learning bitcoin

CRYPTOCURRENCY KNOWLEDGE BOMB > Princeton Lecture Series (everything you ever wanted to know about Bitcoin and it’s friends in 60 lectures)
Tanner R.
This has been posted already, but I have been going through these. They are fantastic so far. Please, if you want to learn more about Bitcoin, take a look.

BITCOIN > THE LIGHTNING NETWORK (Bitcoin’s scaling solution – faster, cheaper transactions)
Tanner R.
Everything you want to know about the lighting network:

TRADING & EXCHANGES > Comprehensive list of Exchanges (loads of info on volume, fees, financial services offered)
scottentrepeneur posted this site a while ago.  …its kinda awesome. see also Coinhills

CRYPTOGRAPHY & PRIVATE KEYS > Why are private keys safe? (accessible primer on cryptography)
Ian Ray
For those needing a quick introduction/buffer on cryptography,

ALT-COINS > Make your very own crypto with Brock’s tutorial for Waves! (It’s true he made one for me)
I decided I wanted to create brockcoin.  Here is what I did:

BITCOIN > Bitcoin Threat Model (How Bitcoin can defend itself from attackers and bad actors)
Tanner R.
Good resource for BTC attack vectors.

WALLETS > Cryptocurrency wallets (pros and cons of storing your coin in various wallets)
This page contains the matrix mentioned last night comparing and reviewing different types of wallets. The video is pretty informative, too.

TRADING & EXCHANGES > Decentralized Exchanges (a new way to trade – own your own keys!)
A good breakdown of DEXs and HUGE list of them!!! Many are hybrids but any control over my money is welcome right now.








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